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Quaker Oats Win the Wheels Promo

Join the Quaker Oats Win the Wheels Promo and get a chance to win 1 of the 6 Mitsubishi ASX at stake! See mechanics below for details.


ALL prepaid or post-paid subscribers of GLOBE TELECOM, TOUCH MOBILE, SMART COMMUNICATIONS, TALK ‘N TEXT, or SUN CELLULAR who have purchased Quaker Oats QUICK, INSTANT, or FLAVORED pack/s with a special promo code.

  1. Buy any of the following Quaker Oats variants/sizes and keep the packs as proofs of purchase.
      Quaker Oats Quick Cook
      Quaker Oats Instant
      Quaker Oats Flavored
  2. Find the code on the pack and text QUAKER <code> to 2600. (Example: QUAKER JM65CF)

Quaker Oats Win the Wheels Promo

Register for free.

  1. You can register anytime within the promo period to validate your entries. You will only need to register once. Registration is FREE. Text QUAKER JOIN <name>/<address>/<age>/<gender> to 2600. Example: QUAKER JOIN Frank Cruz/19 Valero St., Salcedo Vill.,Makati/26/M
  2. Information that you send will be kept confidential and will only be used by PepsiCo Beverages & Foods.
  3. Remember, only one mobile number can be registered to one person.

Send up to as many entries.

  1. To send an entry, text QUAKER <code> to 2600. (Example: QUAKER JM65CF)
    Cost: P2.50/txt for SMART/GLOBE, P2/txt for SUN subscribers.
  2. Don’t forget that a mobile user can only send a promo code once.
  3. You earn different number of entries depending on the Quaker Oats pack that you buy. Just check out the table below.
Product / Content Size / wt Equivalent Raffle Entry
Quaker Oats Quick Cook / Instant 800g / 960g 4 entries
Quaker Oats Quick Cook / Instant / Flavored 400g / 480g 2 entries
Quaker Oats Quick Cook / Instant / Flavored 200g / 240g 1 entry

Some friendly reminders about your entries.

  1. Entries qualify if they’re sent by registered Win the Wheels Promo users and have valid codes. These entries remain in the database system during the promo period.
  2. A confirmation text from 2600 means your entry qualifies for the promo.

Raffle draws:

Dates of Determination of Draw winners CUT-OFF/DEADLINE OF SUBMISSION OF VALIDATED ENTRIES 2011 Mitsubishi ASX winners
September 15 Sept 14 (11:59PM) 1
September 29 Sept 28 (11:59PM) 1
October 13 Oct 12 (11:59PM) 1
October 27 Oct 26 (11:59PM 1
November 10 Nov 9 (11:59PM) 1
November 24 Nov 23 (11:59PM) 1
Total 6

A subscriber can only win once. Non-winning entries for the draws will still qualify for succeeding draws.


Prize Quantity
2011 Mitsubishi ASX 2.0L
(1 winner per draw)

Step-by-step validation.

  1. Winning GLOBE & TOUCH MOBILE numbers will be endorsed to the Operators’ Fraud Management Group for verification before any announcement is made.
  2. SMART and/or TNT winners will be notified by a call from the SMART 7777 access number, another call from an authorized SMART representative, and by postal mail.
  3. Finally, they’ll be notified by call & postal mail from an authorized Proximity Philippines representative.

How to determine the winners:

Representatives from PepsiCo, BBDO Guerrero/Proximity Philippines, Xurpas and FDA will be present for the determination of winners on the 6 draw dates. Decision of the Xurpas and BBDO Guerrero/Proximity Philippines representatives will be final with concurrence of the FDA representative.

You’ve just won! Now what do you do?

  1. Present ALL these when claiming your prize to an authorized checker:
    1. 2 valid IDs with picture and address
    2. The winning SIM card where the entry was made
    3. Winning Quaker Oats pack with code
    4. Registered mail
  2. If you’re a prepaid subscriber, your account should be active and should have proper decrements for all transactions. If inactive, present an affidavit of loss.
  3. If you’re a post-paid subscriber, your account should have no outstanding balance on the date of redemption.
  4. Minors must be accompanied by parents or a legal guardian.
  5. You have sixty (60) days to claim your prize once you’ve been notified. Beyond this time forfeits your right over the prize as acknowledged by FDA.
  6. Your name and photo will be included in all advertisements and other related materials.
  7. Don’t worry. You’ll be notified on how to claim your prize and it will be at a predetermined Mitsubishi branch.

For more information

Text QUAKER or QUAKER HELP to 2600
Cost: P2.50/txt Globe & Smart P2.00/txt Sun

Promo Period: September 1 – November 23, 2010

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  • Birago Madina

    i want to win ur prizes and am much more interested

  • faye

    i bought a 200g pack,it has the promo sticker but the promo code area is blank! Where can i find it?

  • Antonio Tan, Jr

    I think this is a fake its not well explained. I follow the instruction but connot access to this promo.

    • Baronad66

      your right man…….no vizayas and midanao winner.?

  • Antonio Tan, Jr



    • admin

      Hi there. I’m sorry for the inconveniences you had with this promo but I can’t do any further with it.Please contact Quaker with the contact info stated above.Promo BLitz Philippines is just posting promos and infos with it but cannot provide customer related services. We are not in any way connected to the companies/products in all of the promos posted here….

    • belle

      @ mr. antonio tan, please check your spelling, you misspelt QUAKER to QAUKER sir. so maybe that is the reason.

  • Eddie

    Kindly publish list of winners in the previous draws.. Thank you.

  • keloy

    Who is the winner?

  • KL

    I got my confirmation easily and fast..cross fingers..

  • myra dela vega

    when and where are you going to post the winners?..

  • enew

    any update with regards to the winner?

  • enew

    You can find the winners here

  • dhotz

    pls post the winners for november winner.. thanks and more power

  • JayR Rafael

    whoah! i want that wheels. :D i have only 10 entrys. :D

  • M. Manubay

    Who won?

  • Madel B.

    where are the list of winners?

  • Wish

    Lack of information on the product purchased. No information on how to register.

  • Wish

    EI claim q n yan! Akin isa jan! In Jesus name!

  • Wish

    Sept.15 ang bday q. Kya yan ang gift skin ni Lord!

  • wala lng

    Siguro may daya kaya walang nanalo.

  • NOL


  • jmd

    may nanalo nb? do hope and pray they post the winners n.

  • jmd

    below link is not working….

  • Teemac

    won’t they announce the winners in a national newspaper? they don’t even have a list of winners on their website. and their permit, as per website, is from FDA, and not DTI.

  • thisisfeb

    san na ang list ng nanalo???
    sana isa ako dun:)

  • xander

    this is a big scam! boycott the product!

  • jmd

    called their customer service hotline several times since last week and but to no avail.. 8895947.hay. keeping us all afloat

  • chuck

    baka raw di umabot sa qouta nilang product na dapat nabenta kaya wala silang pambili ng 6 na sasakyan na pina-raffle nila.

    ayaw naman ata nilang abono o palugi kaya tahimik lang hanggang makalimutan na.

  • secret

    naalala nyo ung last year na promo.. may 2 na sasakyan ata din d na rafle eh. d na pinakita nun kung may nanalo..

    scam na ata to now.. wew.

  • gie

    I really think we should ask DTI and or the pertinent authorities to deal with this. For the Company to be able to show us if there’s really winning people or just a “ghost promo”…

  • cmg

    Maybe the promo is just to boost their sales, parang walang totoong raffle na nangyari. I’ve been waiting for the list of winners in supermarkets, print ad, internet, etc.

  • cmg

    I will check with DTI next week what happened to their promo, Quaker Oats is a multinational company, hope they will not fool the public. It’s embarrassing though.

  • Rainier Maquilan

    @6803b65a41ca29c46e4e24df53d00445:disqus Please update us all kung ano na nangyari,Will await your investigation.

  • elvin

    ask ko lng po kung san makikita ang list of winners ng 6 honda civic 2012 na promo ng quaker oats..July 31 to August 31, 2012 promo..thanks po

  • Raymund Villaflor

    Napurga ung father ko kakain ng Quaker Oaths na ito tapos ndi pala ito totoo? how sad :(

  • cstmer

    mbuti p d kau nagpapromo kc kht mapurga n kmi cge p dn ang bli nmin tpus txt km ng txt umasa mali un,nag load p km par magka entry

  • Rey

    Why don’t they publish the names of winners so that to prove that this promo is not a scam? Where are the list of winners???

  • cristines_corner

    win the wheels promo winners list: