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Smart Buddy's Flexi15, flexible calling/texting for only P0.50

Flexi15 is Smart Buddy’s most flexible load. With Flexi15, enjoy the freedom to choose between calling and texting for only P0.50 per min or per text!


1. Promo is open to Smart Buddy Subscribers nationwide.

2. Flexi 15 allows subscribers to enjoy texts and calls at P0.50 per text (to all local networks) or per minute call (Smart-Smart/TNT/Red).

3. Promo is valid for 1 day.

4. The subscriber may avail of the offer via Registration.

a. Package Details

Package Validity SRP Minimum Airtime Balance to Register Subscriber Credit
Flexi 15 1 day P15 P15.00 P0.50 per text (all networks) or per minute call (Smart-Smart/TNT/Red)

b. Registration Instructions – Text <syntax> to <access code>.

Package Syntax Access Code
Flexi 15 FLEXI15 6415

5. Subscriber must have the minimum balance required in order to register.

a. If airtime balance is less than the required amount, the subscriber will not be registered. Subscriber will receive an SMS notification that he/she has insufficient balance. SMS Notification will be charged P1.

b. If airtime balance is equal or more than the required amount, subscriber will be successfully registered. Subscriber will receive an SMS notification of his registration with calling instruction.

6. Subscriber may use the package to send texts to all networks. Each SMS will be charged P0.50.

7. Subscriber may send texts using Flexi 15 and charge each text to the package as long as he/she has not fully consumed the allocated units (i.e., total of 30 units, which may be used to either call or text; 1 unit = 1 minute of call or 1 SMS).

Smart Buddy's Flexi15

8. To make a call using FLEXI 15, subscriber must dial via prefix *6415 + 11-digit Smart Number (i.e. *641509191234567).

9. If a subscriber tries calling a number from another network using Flexi 15, call will not be allowed to proceed and an SMS notification will be sent to the subscriber.

10. Subscribers have the option to conveniently shift to regular calls by just dialing directly. Then, the regular calling rates will apply.

11. A maintaining balance of P1 is required to make a call.

12. Calls charged to Flexi 15 cost P0.50 per minute.

13. Calls will be rounded up and will be charged on a per minute basis.

14. Calls will be cut based on maximum call duration or subject to the availed package’s remaining balance, whichever is applicable.

15. Multiple availment of Flexi 15 is allowed.

16. Subscriber can still avail of the other call and text promos and services even if he/she is concurrently using the package.

17. Service is not applicable to roaming and international transactions.

Promo Duration: January 8, 2010 – March 31, 2011

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  • Lyn16

    sana magkaron ng pantawag s ibang network n mura lng ang konsumo..

  • Rc_cabal

    wala rin,d makatawag,wala bang improvement na pwdeng gawin ang smart company? bad trip na e,hndi satisfied ang mga consumers nyo